About us

Over 40 Years of Coatings

Running for over 20 years as Glenn Bliss sandblasting, the family business was purchased by son Justin and renamed Bliss Sandblasting in 2004. With Justin at the helm, the company quickly built a reputation for providing fast response mobile sandblasting. Over time, an increasing suite of industrial coatings were introduced for our clients. 

Formerly appointed as Director, Jye Bohm was pivotal in driving company systems, sales and growth. Combined with Justin’s knowledge and experience of worksite management, they formed PROFINISH Coatings, extending the business offering into the passive fire industry. The move to a large facility in North Shore in 2018 enabled PROFINISH to form new business partnerships and complete projects of increasing size. 

In January 2021, we rebranded the passive fire arm of the business to PROFINISH Fire Protection and kept PROFINISH Coatings as our dedicated industrial coatings services provider for steel fabricators, engineers and logistics companies across Victoria. Our coatings range includes ceramic, abrasion-resistant, fireproof, non-stick and anti-graffiti, all of which come with a guaranteed lifespan. 

Our partner company, PROFINISH Fire Protection, is a complete passive fire protection services provider operating across Australia and one of a handful of providers who can provide entire fireproofing packages on commercial, industrial, residential and heritage builds.