Recoating gives your fleet vehicles and heavy machinery a new lease on life. More than simply a coat of paint, this refurbishment process will extend the working life of your trucks, trailers and site equipment. Through the professional application of primers, activators, industrial paints and topcoats, recoating will also safeguard your assets against unnecessary future repairs and add value to your business and brand. Here’s how.

Rust Removal

Corrosion and rust are two of the most common enemies of your fleet vehicles or site equipment. Where surface rust eats at steel, weaknesses are created. What starts out as a cosmetic blemish can easily spread into large patches of rust leading to more serious issues that compromise the safety of a vehicle. Rust can lead to cracking or a reduction in the load-bearing capacity of your trailers, machines, car carriers and tipper bodies.

By having your vehicles treated for rust removal and reconditioning, you can avoid costly steel repairs and/or complete replacement. Surface rust can be effectively removed with professional sandblasting, making sure the surface is completely reconditioned, smooth and ready for resealing and recoating.

One of the most common areas we see this design defect is around windows. Primary structural steel columns have the correct FRL and clearances applied, but window headers will not have an FRL applied. In this instance, the architect will not allow the clearances required to apply passive fire protection to these members in the design.

When this plan is sent for passive fire protection specification this design defect will be realised and the window and surrounding area will need to be redesigned with a 500mm clearance to the window header, altering the architects exterior and interior design and vision with a severe knock-on effect.

If this design defect is realised and corrected once construction has already commenced, or even in the later stages of design, it can carry significant costs and delays for the project.

A professional sandblaster will remove any loose surface rust or traces of paint. From experience, the sandblaster will ensure the steel is not overly scratched or abraded. A properly equipped facility will ensure the procedure is performed in a safe and fully encapsulated area, extracting potentially harmful particles that become airborne during sandblasting from the environment.

Prime Time

Because the coating on vehicles and equipment is likely to be exposed to the elements and harsh conditions, priming is a critical step. It acts as an adherent foundation for the paint and helps to seal freshly blasted steel. A base layer of protective primer and rust inhibitor is also your best line of defence against future corrosion. The primer is a necessary step in creating a smooth surface before the topcoat is applied. This contributes to a more professional looking finish overall.

Professional Finish

If you want to present a professional-looking brand, your trailers, car carriers, tipper bodies or site equipment should be coated in your brand colours or a uniform hue. With a range of coating colours to choose from, you can effectively rebrand your assets and make them look as good as new for a fraction of the price you would pay for replacements. Recoating isn’t just a layer of paint but a specific combination of scientifically formulated layers that work together to withstand tough environments and working conditions. They are non-combustible, non-corrosive and UV resistant to defend against fading.

All tints are sealed with a final topcoat. This further protects the finish against damage including the spillage of harmful substances that would otherwise negatively affect the surface. Depending on your preferred aesthetic, the final coat can give your fleet a matte, semi-matte or gloss finish.

Ultimately, recoating your fleet could extend the life of your industrial machinery and fleet vehicles by ten years or more. This could generate huge savings across your asset investments, avoid costly repairs and even attract new business. At PROFINISH Coatings, we have a number of automotive and experienced industrial painters to provide a wide range of coating options for your fleet.

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