If you know PROFINISH, then you’d know we’re the premium provider of passive fire protection and industrial coatings in Victoria. Given our ever-expanding client bases, we recognised a demand for more specific and defined service offerings. That’s why we’re excited to share the news that we have officially become a partnership business with two distinct brands. You know us as ProFinish Coatings, but moving forward, we will operate under two different business names.

Director Jye Bohm explains the vision behind the changeover. “This transition will provide steel fabricators, engineers and top tier builders with a more dedicated industrial coatings and passive fire protection service to save them time and money. We realised these two distinct industries required separate strategies. This move better enables us to deliver them.” 

PROFINISH Coatings remains our industrial coatings offering. Our objective continues to be consistent delivery of sandblasting and industrial coatings across the construction, logistics and agriculture industries. This side of the business will continue to professionally treat and protect structural steel, heavy vehicles, machinery parts, pipework, and more to ensure the longevity of your assets. As we are a certified applicator of all major brands, many of our coatings come with a guaranteed lifespan of up to 20 years or more. 

PROFINISH Fire Protection might be a new addition to our stable in terms of a business name, but under ProFinish Coatings, we built a reputation for delivering complete passive fire protection solutions. Starting out with offering fire retardant coatings, we have grown to become trusted installers and certified applicators of end-to-end systems and solutions including penetrations, ductwork and fire retardant walls, floor and ceilings.

Why have we developed partner brands?

Thanks to the dedication and professionalism of everyone in our team, our passive fire protection services are in demand across the construction industry. As more construction clients were specifically seeking our professional passive fire protection solutions, we realised it was time to redefine our service offering and branding. By differentiating between our Coatings and Fire Protection brands, we hope our valued clients will find it easier to research, explore and employ their preferred service.

Naturally, the team is excited for the company’s future, with General Manager Russell Whiteford announcing “We are thrilled that we get to continue to grow our service within these two industries while continuing to operate under the PROFINISH banner. Operating as two dedicated companies will allow us to further increase our specialisation in these two critical sectors of the construction industry.”

Are we still the same company?

Absolutely. We’ve been providing sandblasting services for over 40 years and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. We may have become an ‘organisation’ with the establishment of dual brands, but we’re still the same friendly team you have come to know and trust for dedicated workmanship and certification. 

We began as a one-man sandblasting operation, and thanks to a lot of very hard and rather exceptional work, we have built a strong team of over 50 working on countless projects. We’re highly anticipating what the future holds and look forward to seeing you on the journey.

Want to know more?

We’re always happy to talk you through our services. Get in touch online today. You can also explore our redefined services at PROFINISH Coatings or PROFINISH Fire Protection.